Living with Parkinson’s” is a journey of self acceptance and reconciliation with a disease that was in denial for years until it reached a crisis point. These images serve to remove the many months of self consciousnes I recently endured whilst in public, in effect making it a cathartic freedom that allows me to share my most private experiences with this condition and the side effects of strong medication.

It is a journal of my new life, not a sad period as many would react, but rather a new chapter and transition that must be embraced with its angst and surprises, as it cannot be rejected.

The images are entirely created at the capture stage using constructed realities, a view camera front with a flawed digital array that produces erratic colors, multiple projectors and extrusive time. They are titled “Acceptance” for the realities that I hide from the public and “Apparitions” for the mild hallucinations induced by the condition, medication and insomnia.