The Veil is a linguistic based concept with a strong measure of medium based elements, seeking to visually explore the eternal human angsts of spiritual, existentialist and scientific questionings. In effect, it is an intellectual collaborative effort, with the visual realizations residing with my use of the medium of photography for expressive images and reflective and experiential outcomes. It is an ongoing cathartic journey of self-reflection and visualization, where the journey is as important as the ultimate destination. The scenes created for this concept involve constructed realities within environments that are heavily translated with the use of extrusive time and optical blur. This symbiotic approach seeks to realign science and spirituality, the foundational descriptive nature of photography and the ephemeral imagery carefully pre-visualized for the narrative intent of this project. It is important to note that this concept is not involved in “new age” precepts, organized religion, or staunch old regime scientific establishments, but rather a cutting edge way of thinking that reconciles science and spirituality as it was understood in the past.